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Re: ntpd -U ntp -g

--- William Hooper <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> wrote:
> man ntpd
> [...]
>  -U      server_user Ntpd process drops root privileges and changes user
>          ID to  server_user  and  group  ID  to  the  primary  group  of
>          server_user.
> [...]

Interesting.  The man pages at ntp.org don't list an upper-case -U,
just a lower case one, and default setups of both RHAS 2.x, and Fedora
Core Release 1 don't have ntpd man pages, even though ntpd is
installed.  Still, I probably should have figured it out.

> Is your ntpd server synced?  Use "ntpq" to check the status of the servers
> you are looking at.
> Do you have a firewall in the way?  Use "service iptables status" to look
> at the firewall rules.

Don't think that's the problem.  I did use iptables on the server side
to log packets coming in, and hosts on my network are sending udp
queries to port 123.  My server's firewall isn't blocking them.

Essentially, I'm trying to act as a time server for my internal
network.  But I'm doing it with a default fedora ntp setup.  It looks
like I may have to delete the rpm and roll my own install.

I've gotten that configuration to work where I've done that.
   === Al

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