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Re: Upgrade problem from Core 1 to Core 2

Am Fr, den 04.06.2004 schrieb CZachary wiley com um 19:50:

> I am a user of fedora Core 1 and would like to upgrade to Fedora Core 2, 
> but I have a problem with the upgrade process.
> I'm running Core 1 on an IBM pentium.  The PC does not support cdrom 
> booting and I cannot produce a boot floppy because there isn't a boot 
> floppy image in the ISO that will
> fit on the diskette.  Is there some other method to work around this?
> Thanks

The answer for at least one possible way was given now several times.
Please in future do at least a bit of search in the list archive and/or
using google. Already the first google hit did lead me to



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