Filesystem corruption, data loss on usb drives, and more problems with FC2

Andy Green fedora at
Fri Jun 4 19:15:04 UTC 2004

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On Friday 04 June 2004 19:31, Fernando Perez wrote:

Hi Fernando -

> > Update your kernel to Arjan's latest, there are USB probs in the one in
> > FC2.
> As I just reported elsewhere in this thread, the problem remains with
> Arjan's latest, 100% reproducible.

Well, there were separate and similar USB probs fixed for me by recent 

But looking closer at your error reports, it is reminding me of something I 
read a few weeks ago about max packet sizes, or max buffer sizes for 
different USB <-> ATA chipsets?  Some can handle 128KB, some 64KB, something 
like that.  I think it was someone's patch reducing the limit in kernel 
sources on a ml I was looking at.

> Thanks for the strace tip.  It was hanging trying to connect to an
> unresponsive network printer through cups.  I deleted this printer from the
> cups list and that did it, but I'd argue that OO should recover more
> gracefully from this kind of problem.

Glad I was of some help.  Yeah it should be more graceful.

> >>Display doesn't shut off
> >>------------------------
> >
> > ACPI prob?  Maybe try to fiddle with ACPI=blah on kernel commandline.
> I'll try a few options and see what happens.

I get the same behaviour as you on some laptops and not others here.  Makes me 
think it can be (video) BIOS or video driver related as well as ACPI.

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