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Re: FC2 & Nvidia

On Sun, May 23, 2004 at 05:03:08PM -0600, Peter L. Hurd wrote:
> Jim Radford
> > I have an Nvidia card and am wishing to do a complete wipe and
> > reinstall (from FC1 to FC2). What issues are there with the Nvidia
> > drivers and how do I overcome them?
> I upgraded 3 Nvidia equipped boxes from FC1 to FC2 and had no problem. 
> I just followed the usual kernel upgrading procedure.  
> But now, I've spent all day to day trying to get the Nvidia drivers to
> run 

The nVidia optimized drivers with the 4K stack have not yet been released 
by nVidia yet.

Stick with the default driver until nVidia releases an update.

> (they'll load - at least there are no errors or warnings in
> Xorg.0.log - but I get an unresponsive grey screen) on a machine I
> upgraded from RH9 to FC2.  I'm about ready to pitch the damn thing out
> the window...

They load because there was support for the 2.6 kernel included then
the stack change was made in the kernel.  Thus the wrapper builds
but the nut inside the wrapper is not exactly matched yet.

The glass IS half full.  The default driver is improved and does
fundimental X stuff quite well.  glxgears also runs.... ;-)

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