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Re: FC1 -> FC2 Update: DISASTER!!! - (not really)

I don't think that going from FC1 to FC2 is that deadly. I did have the below problems.

1) error with XKB -- solution to edit xorg.conf
2) acpid error - solution to run "up2date acpid", then after program installed, run "service acpid start" (could have rebooted, acpid added to services to be started on system startup.)
3) Many errors with 3rd party programs needing removed from one source, then reinstalled from another repo libraries and all. (multimedia)

Other than those problems, it was successful to upgrade, IMO.
With the new 2.6 kernel, different X server, new GNOME, KDE, scanner module not included with kernel 2.6 and "alsa vs. OSS", this is a great release.

I do think that my clean install system was the best setup version. Fresh installations seem to have lower problems, no old config files to worry about.


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