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Re: NIS Master/Slave

On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 03:44:26PM +0200, Tiziana Manfroni wrote:
> I have configured a NIS Master and a NIS Slave with Fedora2.
> When I exec ypxfr on master (by cron) I have an error:
> ypxfr: cant' get master address
> In ypserver, hosts files there is master address and ypwhich show me
> master address.
> Any idea?

You may be seeing a chicken or the egg problem with the NIS Slave
server.  Make sure that it knows or can discover the IP address of the

Commonly the master is famous and known in /etc/hosts.  In some cases
DNS can be used as long as the IP address for the DNS server is
correctly configured (some server host needs to be famous).  Mostly I
suspect you want hosts to be resolved with DNS while user ID and GIDs
and other maps are NIS.  Make sure that DNS and NIS do not have
differences in this regard.

Things can get tangled when dynamic IP addresses are used because
DHCP will fiddle with host name resolver setups.  Double check this...

You might have to set ypmaster of the slave to the master then
reinitialize the slave so the slave can populate the cached maps.
This can happen if the master moves or something else strange was
done.  Once the slave latches on to bad data things need to be cleaned

Some NIS stuff bootstraps with a broadcast so make sure that broadcast
masks for the addresses/ networks are correct and packets can be seen
(routers/ bridges).

It is valuable to have two yp servers on each subnet.

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