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Re: FC2 = Win 3.1 wanabe

On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 17:23, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> I'm betting that if you compare a new user's level of difficulty in using a 
> preloaded Windows with a similar user on a preloaded Linux (e.g. FC2), that 
> the difference would be much *much* smaller. Hardware detection, 
> installation, and configuration is still a more difficult thing than in 
> Windows, which is something the computer manufacturer can avoid and/or 
> solve when selecting components.

To help illustrate this point, [not that Rodolfo needs any help] here is
one user's experience in just that sort of endeavor.

My laptop came with Windows ME [perish the thought], but Toshiba was
kind enough to supply drivers for all parts of the machine for Windows
2000, even came with a little sticker that said 'designed for Windows
2000'.  After using ME just long enough to download said drivers and
read the install instructions, I reformatted and installed Windows 2000
from a purchased CD. 

Nothing worked out of the box.  Not the ethernet card, not the CD
writer, not the DVD player, not the smart card reader, not the multi
media buttons.  I then proceeded to install the drivers as per the
instructions.  After what had to be at least 15 reboots [yes, some
drivers required 2 [count them] 2 reboots] I still could not watch a
DVD, or burn a CD or use the multi media buttons.  After contacting
Toshiba customer service and waiting 3 days for a reply, I could watch a
choppy DVD, but nothing else worked any better and I had a bad taste in
my mouth.  Oh well, I sighed, I have real work to do, I'll come back to
this later. Proceeded to install a brand new Linksys wireless card that
came with a driver for Windows 2000.  No dice there either, I had to
search for over an hour for a work around on Linksys' site.  

About 6 months later, I installed RH8.  Bang, DVD works with one small
change, /dev/dvd to /dev/cdrom [a combo drive].  CD burning just works. 
My wireless card works within about 10 minutes of my first google, as
some great soul[s] had a driver and how-to ready and waiting. Now, I
still can't use the multi media buttons...but I couldn't before either.
FC was even simpler, as everything worked out of the box but those pesky
extra buttons. 

All in all, I'll take the free, as in beer and speech, OSes and their
support systems over the paid for OS with it's support any day. 

Now, off to have one of those beers,

Craig Thomas

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