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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:
On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 21:57 +0800, Christopher Chan wrote:

What, may I ask, do the developers of Linux have to do with this? The developers of Linux may get round to writing a driver they have specs for. How am I ungrateful if there is nothing on which the developers can work on and the company goes/has to go binary driver path?

The devlopers of Linux, X, all GNU software and all the rest have to
constantly cope with people whining "Linux" is not there. This doesn't
work well. The proprietary drivers are good (and then when there is a
compatibility problem the problem is always... from the Free Software).

So that's your gratitude.

Hmm, where did I say proprietary drivers are good?

As to the path the company followed... They don't have to follow it. They chose to do it.

Until you are able to do differently, I don't think you get to judge a company because it does not do things your way so long as whatever it does is not criminal.

Which planet do you live on? Like there is a lot of open hardware around to pick from. I've done what I can as I am able/allowed to but I sure am not turning down the only alternatives to non-existent 'open hardware' and going around saying you should not buy/use them when there are no alternatives.

Oh, but then one comes here complaining about the 4K stack, about
instability, 3 thousand posts asking how to get the binary driver when
the only ones that can answer only say... "soon" (as NVIDIA has been

Yeah right, I use them binary drivers with 2.6.6-pre2 on my RH9 box with no problems. Instability is not always a driver problem. I get flak for using 'untested 2.6 kernels' but in the end any blinking instability/crash has been down to hardware so you can take that elsewhere too.

<sarcasm>This is surely much better than using Free Software drivers. Really!</sarcasm>

I'll join you in that but I never ever said that binary drivers are better let alone much better the open source drivers. I take whatever is there but you go around telling people to avoid and not use anything that does not have open source drivers provided.

*sigh* /me shuts up

I cannot understand how this all has made you so frustrated that you now make the impression that I said that binary solutions are better than open source drivers. What's eating you?

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