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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

The main problem I see is the lack of documentation. For instance I am now in the process of to set up cdrecord for my new DVD-RW drive. Under FC2 cdrecord-2.01-0a27.3 is said to "include patches to include the ProDVD" capabilities. Great. However Xcdroast refuses to acknowledge the existance of the /dev/dvd device, and I can't find any info on how to implement the system.

Dwaine Castle wrote:

I am new to Linux and my experience so far has been great.

I've installed RH9, FC1, RC2-T3, and now FC2 on 2 MBs.  Linux is more stable
that recent MS OSs.  I've run all of MS OSs from DOS to XP.  None of the OSs
since W2k-SP4 have been stable enough, on a P4, for me to even load MS
Office much less compliers or a development system.  I have a development
system and would love to move it to either of my 2 other P4 systems but...
With a little more experience and practise with the new key-combinations I
plan to move to Linux exclusively.

This list has been a great help to me and I want to thank all the guys that
have posted solutions and recomendations.

I've said this before, but the nature of this list is changeing.  The 20% of
the people that help the other 80% seem a little stressed.  They must answer
the same questions over and over again.  And the people that ask these
questions are evermore demanding.  I will argue that the service that one
gets here rivals or exceeds that of Microsoft's paid support.

I subscribe to the digest form of this list.  One suggestion that I have is
that the manager add a link to the archives at the top of the message.
Hopefully this will enable/encourage more people to do some homework.

I appreciate the distrbution tables that were presented recently.  Paredo
tables & charts might also help direct people the archives.

Maybe a small library of scripts that could collect information for people
that haven't mastered the OS yet might help also.

Thank you.

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