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synaptics and 4-way scroll


I have a mitac 8335 laptop which uses the synaptics driver for the
touchpad.  The laptop has a 4-way scroll.  I found information on the
internet of how to map the scroll keys to the same keycodes as the arrow
keys.  That works for some applications, but not all.  For instance, in
gnome-terminal, pressing the up scroll button brings up the last
command, rather than scrolling the screen (as it should, since it's
bound to the up arrow).

Here's the setkeycodes commands:

# set Left-scroll to act like Left-arrow 
		setkeycodes 5a 105
		# set Right-scroll to act like Right-arrow
		setkeycodes 59 106
		# set Up-scroll to act like Up-arrow
		setkeycodes 69 103
		# set Down-scroll to act like Down-arrow
		setkeycodes 68 108

So far, I've done a LOT of googling, have read a lot about
setkeycodes, Xmodmap, xorg.conf and xev...  And have become
completely lost.  Using dumpkeys, it looks like keycodes 120
through 123 are unused, so I can use setkeycodes to map the
above mentioned scancodes to 120 through 123.  However, I cannot
figure out how to get X to see it as the mouse's button 4, 5, 6,
and 7.

Can someone hit me with a big cluestick?  I have a feeling that I'm
lost in the forest and can't see the trees.

Philip A. Chapman

Application Development:
Java, Visual Basic (MCP), PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL
Linux, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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