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Re: FC2 and Gkrellm

Am Sa, den 05.06.2004 schrieb Brian Fahrlander um 1:36:

>     Anyone else noticed that lm_sensors 'runs' but gkrellm can't tell
> where to find the sensors?  It's understandable; all the details got
> changed with the new kernel.  
>     Just trying to verify that it's not me...

I have no problems with gkrellm on FC2. After the fresh new install of
FC2 I installed the lm_sensors package from Core and gkrellm made by
freshrpms.net and copied my old sensors.conf I previously used on FC1
(of course the loading of the needed kernel modules too).

As K. said, you must first configure lm_sensors by running
sensors-detect as root. Independent from gkrellm, does the command
sensors print out the values? If not, go ahead with configuring.


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