Ugly fonts whith Core2

Patrice Brockhaus patrice at
Sat Jun 5 12:05:37 UTC 2004


Does no one here experience fonts whith core 2 being very ugly? Here they are 
as unreadable,  that I still use core1 for this reason - well not only for 
this reason: Why is KDE so damn slow on my 333-celeron? KDE works great whith 

I can't see any difference between anti-aliasing turned on/of in 
KDE-Controlcenter although the difference is clearly visible in Core1 when 
doing the same thing. I neither couldn't see any difference between freetype 
patched (natural AA, or how was this called?) and non-patched. Fonts appear 
very unclear, somehow thinner as in core1 and lack contrast.

I'm not quiet shure if this is a problem of font-rendering or a general 
graphic-problem. Is there a software to increase contrast of XOrg? My monitor 
is already set to maximum. I'm using the same Nvidia proprietary driver whith 
both fedoras. I can see no difference in 2D between nv and proprietary 

I like core1 very much, but I'm very disappointed whith core 2. :-(


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