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SATA issues and gFTP ( FC2 AMD_64 install fails )

Hi List

Following the sdvise of some of the people responding to my question, I
went and bought a normal IDE disk to install FC2. 

I'm glad to report that I am now the prowd owner of a working FC2 on
AMD_64 platform.

I think I should also shower the developers and all involved with this
release with compliments! Well done, really, this ios the best I've ever
seen Linux! I am most impressed with the way the look and feel of the
gui has improved. The fonts are crisp and neat and I have still to find
ANY problems with regards to compatibility with MS Office docs.

It looks to me that my problems were almost 100% due to problems with
SATA disk/controllers, so I'm wondering what I can do to make my system
run off the SATA disk completely. 

I have an MSI K8TNEO MoBo with the VIA VT8327 SATA controller ( which
FC2 correctly detected during install).

Are there any patches/updated drivers I can load in order to get my
installation working on my MAXTOR 120GB ( 6Y120MO)?

I've also just noticed that when I try to use gFTP to ftp to or from my
other box, it immediately crashes and exits without transferring
anything. I can however ftp from command line.

Thanks for any help.

Again, great work on this release, I LOVE IT!!!


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