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Re: aRts, KDE, Xmms, FC2

I noticed the delay as well (Dell 8200 with addition Santa Cruz sound

What I've done is decided to use ALSA, my own xmms build, and use an
external player in sound notifications for those programs that use the
KDE sound notification system.

Right now I'm using aplay from the ALSA utilities as the external sound
player for the notifications.  This seems to work well with two

1. I cannot use .ogg files.  I have a really nice sound theme I would
like to use, but they're all in .oog format.

2. Once you enable an external player in the KDE Control Center Sound
and Multimedia --> System Notifications, you cannot change that value
via the KDE Control Center.  You have to go into the knotifyrc file and
edit it by hand to make changes.

I've mentioned both before, and I should probably post a bug on either
Fedora or KDE (or both).

Other than those two glitches, running without aRTs is working well.  My
next goals are to get Jack running on Fedora Core 2, then the
appropriate environment for MIDI music composition . . . . when I have
the time.

just my two cents . . . .

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