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Re: Doubt! New Fedora

On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 07:56:15AM -0300, Thiago Amaury Ferraz wrote:

> Hello all!
> We have a doubt here, we would like to know if it´s a good ideia to
> expend time to use Fedora like a network server? FTP, Internet,
> backup, etc.. or would be better to use a Enterprise version?
> We used old Red Hat versions.. but.. after upgrade to the
> Fedora.. We left the use, in true we had no time to think about
> this.. but.. the moment arrived.. we are having problens with our
> Linux version in a backup server.. a message "Segmentation Fault"
> happens all time that we try to use a remote tape unit.. we tried
> many configurations and corrections.. but nothing looks get work!?

One problem with "old" versions of anything is that the setup
and configuration steps are often forgotten.

When I look at your problem above I do not know enough to help.

What version of Fedora Core you have loaded (FC1 or the new FC2)?

I also cannot tell what system the "Segmentation Fault" was observed on
and what OS + software + hardware was running there.

I do not know what backup software you are using: tar, gnutar, cpio, bru,
Veritas, rsync, Oracle, Amanda, dump, Bacula, Mondo afbackup, etc.)

I do not know what backup media you are using: raw disk, disk files,
tape, DLT, QIC-02, DDS, DDS-2, SCSI, 8mm, DAT, MO, Jaz, CDROM-R, CDROM-RW, DVD, etc.

I cannot tell how the client and server communicate,
Ethernet, FDDI, FC, SAN, slip.

I cannot tell anything about the clients (Operating System, Hardware).
I cannot tell anything about the server (Operating System, Hardware).
>From your post.

I suspect you have an old backup tool that needs to be updated.
Perhaps just recompiled.   Have you searched for an update.

Is there a special device driver or device setup involved?

On FC2 the command "yum list extras" with the default config file can
be valuable after an update.  If your previous system tools were
installed with rpm this will tell us if there is no current equivalent
in the standard set of FC2 packages.

Also you may wish to adjust limits so  "Segmentation Fault"
can cause a diagnostic core dump.  The commands
    # file core*
    # ls -l core*
    # uname -a
    # ulimit -a
can tell us a lot.

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
	/dev/null the ultimate in secure storage.

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