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[FC1 & FC2] Kernel Panic due to BCM4401: can it be created by a driver problem?


I started to get Kernel panic problem again after several days on FC2,
which means my problem was not related to FC1 and is not related to

Now, I'm sure that the problem come from my eth onboard chip a BCM4401.
Basically, it crashed my computer sometime, I then have to power off the
computer *ouch* and usually it takes me around 2-3 hours after that to
manage to get my eth working again. The problem comes the interrupt
handler which is not syncing.

I have been googling about BCM4401 and linux and it seems that this chip
has some problem... Does that mean that all those problems can come from
the driver included???

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Fedora GNU/Linux Core 2 (Tettnang) on i686 CPU kernel 2.6.6
@ 14:47:22 up  1:14,  4 users,  load average: 0.98, 1.33, 1.33

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