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Re: Fedora Core 3 Wishlist

Am So, den 06.06.2004 schrieb Ankit Malik um 13:30:
> Fedora Core 3 Wishlist
> Just keep adding your wishes to it in points if possible
> 1. Faster KDE
> 2. Faster GNOME ( its too slow for me right now)

Tell this to the KDE/Gnome developers.

> 3. Support for my ATI Mach 64 GX @ 1024x768 (! That depends more on
> XORG than Fedora Core)

If you are hoping for the ati proprietary drivers: No way! Please read
the Release Notes. Quote: "The results from this project include Fedora
Core, a complete, general-purpose operating system built exclusively
from open source software."                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> 4. KDE menu Editor to be fixed

KDE menu editing works for me for single users, the global (all users)
menu has to be edited according to freedesktop specificatisons (IMO a
good thing, for it's compatible with gnome and other desktops), this has
been discussed a lot on this list.

> 5. Standby to work in my PC 9its not working)

APM? ACPI? DPMS? Works4me (TM).

> 6. Better and stunning graphics ( like SUSE)


> 7. Some software similar to 'Mandrake Control Gallery'  or YaST'

system-config-*, system-control-*
What are you missing?

> 8. MP3 support  (!!!!! out of the box :or atleast post the link where
> we can get it from : it will be easy for newbies then : www.gurulabs.
> com/ ..........)

There is already the MP3 placeholder Plugin trying to explain the
situation. Same as #3, this issue has been beaten to death on this list.

> 9. Ice WM 

It's available at atrpms and at icewm.org, maybe it's going to be in
fedora-extras next time. But it will not become part of fedora-core, has
been discussed on fedora-desktop-list several times.

> 10. Remove obselete applications as muchba s possible


> 11. A fantastic documentation (idiot proof ) to go along with the distro

It's on the way: http://fedora.redhat.com/projects/docs/

> 12.  More video playing softwares 'out of the box' 

Agreed, but I think it's kind of logical there ain't no video software
in core: If you don't have codecs to play dvds, qt, divx, and so on you
won't need a video-player in core.

> 13.  Super Karamba"out of the box'

Agreed (IMO it's still to buggy.)

> 14. RPM Files Manager :In FC2 its just by command FC1 was better

No. Associate *.rpm files to system-install-packages, everthing is as is
it used to be since RH8.

> 15. Plugins for Mozilla etc. preinstalled as in Lycoris

Damn, did you read the release notes? Has been beaten to death!

> 16. Information for newbies RE filesystem during install so that they
> can choose the best FS in the beginning.

How do you expect a "newbie" to know what the best filesystem is? These
options are only available for advanced users, who know what they are

> 17. Gdesklets 'out of the box'

Agreed, but since there gkrellm IMO it's not really necessary to have in

> 18. Mozilla Firefox 'out of the boz' (!!!!! how many 'out of the box')

As long as there's no stable release mozilla will be default browser.
For example there are only a few language packs available and most of
the are buggy. 
Has been discussed on this list (!!!!! how many 'has been discussed'

> 19. KDE Panel can be customized much better

KDE upstream problem. The only thing I'm missing is icon zooming on
mouse over. You will need original KDE icon sets for this.

> 20. Voice Chat software ( i cant find any right now anywhere)


> 21. Support for Microphone (it was there in FC1)

It's still there.

> 22.  Better CDROM Device Mounting (its next to broken in FC2 :-(    ) 

?? No problems here, GNOME or KDE?

> 23. UP2DATE Should be gixed :::PLEASE >>>>>>


> Phew! that is all ... please post yours ..

Please be so kind to read the release notes before you complain about
things, ok ;-)


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