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Re: Apache/PHP error/warning(s)

Am So, den 06.06.2004 schrieb Fedora List um 16:41:

> I can understand the difference between 'world writable' and 'writable
> by the webserver' in concept, but how would I go about manipulating
> these variables? I've perused the 'chmod' man page, but don't know what
> to set the permissions to.

> Stuart

world writable for a file or directory means: chmod o=w

If you have for instance a directory /var/www/html/test which is "chown
root:root" and it is needed that Apache is able to write into that
directory, then either you give "the world", means all others than owner
and group, write permissions by running "chmod o+w" - be critical when
doing so, because now not only the apache user can write! - or by
changing the ownership to i.e. "chown root:apache".

So, in short:
chown means change ownership, speaking for owner and group
chgrp means change group, changes only group ownership
chmod means change permissions, where they are: u=owner, g=group,
o=others; and each is build together by 1 for execute, 2 for write, 4
for read permission.


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