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Re: feedback to NVidia [was: Nvidia Drivers]

T. 'Nifty New Hat' Mitchell wrote:

On Thu, May 27, 2004 at 12:24:00PM +1200, Greg Trounson wrote:

Frank Tanner III wrote:

--- Sean Estabrooks <seanlkml sympatico ca> wrote:

On Wed, 26 May 2004 09:54:15 -0700 (PDT)
Frank Tanner III <pctech mybellybutton com> wrote:

If they don't publish the specifications how are
all of these third party shareware tweak programs


No, the existance of tweak utilities is merely proof that the registers that allow tweaking are documented. For example GPU clock speed or memory bus speed.


There is a lot more to modern 3D graphics cards
than folks in these rants are grokking.

No one acknowledged that these cards are built with custom graphic
processor engines. That is to say special processors.


Then there are the hardware bugs to work around.

Remember that gcc will not just work even if the source was open.

Since your statements proclaim you as an expert in graphics driver software (sic),

Please explain what compiler / tricks need to be used if gcc cannot be used. Particularly since gcc is able to be used for cross-platform compiling for many different hardware platforms, etc., and AFAIK crates code for everything used, hardware wise, on all computers.

It would seem it should be usable since it creates the code needed by the *processor* to run the hardware. It may need some library modifications or extensions to make all the suitable calls, or it may need a totally different tool, but your statements are totally lacking in anything other than FUD about this subject.

It would seem that additional header/include files would be the most that would be needed.

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