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Re: Fedora Core 3 Wishlist

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 14:44 +0100, Paul Duffy wrote:
> I'll bite:
> NTFS read capability compiled in by default.

I don't see this happening.

> An option to turn off 4kstacks in kernel config

This would be nice, though supposedly the main tree is going to do this

> Make Wine work again dammit.

I have seen third party rpms of wine that work just fine.

> A proper package manager like KPackage or GnoRPM

A gui for yum like synaptic would be nice.

> An actual option (ie: one which doesn't break a gazillion dependencies) to 
> make a non-preemptable kernel so kmail stops hogging my damn CPU.

As far as I know and can tell with a little research the Fedora kernel
doesn't have preemptable turned on.

# CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set   from kernel-2.6.6-i686.config, part of

> 'Probe all SCSI LUNs' compiled in by default so my 6-in-1 card reader can read 
> something other than Sony Memory Stick without a recompile.

This sounds good, though there is probably a good chance it would cause
trouble for more people. Probably the ideal way would be to make/rewrite
it to be a module.

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