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Re: Repeat questions and a suggestion

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 10:26, melgil88 wrote:
> I have problems searching the list, alot of times it comes up 'no
> matches found' but when I manually eyeball the month's listing, the
> exact thing I was searching for is right there.  For example, there was
> a person (sorry, don't remember who) who kindly came out with the stats
> listing, I saw some interesting threads there and used the search
> function to find them....nada :(. I've seen other people have the same
> problem.  

Glad you liked the stats.  :)  I wonder if the search feature goes
through just the body of the message and not the subject lines?

> But would it be helpful to maybe list the most recent
> bugs and problems here in this list maybe say once a week?  I remember
> newsgroups used to have FAQ's posted weekly with the rules of the
> newsgroup and any of the latest news/happenings.  Might this not be
> useful here?  It doesn't have to be a FAQ, but maybe something like
> loud title. 2 things I can think of right off the bat are the XP
> Partition Problem(TM) and the Asus Problem(TM).  There's also some video
> card problems that might be included as well.  A simple description of
> the problem and a link to buzilla and a fix would be in there. 

I like that idea.  The stats thing was kind of a way to try and figure
out what the hot topics were.  Need to figure out some way to capture
actual problems and solutions, but I think that is going to require
someone to manual collect that information.  

> I'd volunteer to scratch up something if people think it would be
> useful. If not then I'll just crawl back into the woodwork where I came
> from ;)

I think that would be very useful.  A weekly message with a list of
common problems and solutions would IMHO help a lot of people.  I think
it should include a section on what to do before posting a question (ie.
check log files, google) and how to ask a question (include version
info, hardware info, exact error message, how to reproduce, etc).  Many
questions get posted with not much more than "help!" in the message.  

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Flon's Law:
	There is not now, and never will be, a language in
	which it is the least bit difficult to write bad programs. 

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