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Re: Repeat questions and a suggestion

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 12:02, Scot L. Harris wrote:
> Glad you liked the stats.  :)  I wonder if the search feature goes
> through just the body of the message and not the subject lines?

I've tried both and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  It's like
a crapshoot or something ;)
> > But would it be helpful to maybe list the most recent
> > bugs and problems here in this list maybe say once a week?

> I like that idea.  The stats thing was kind of a way to try and figure
> out what the hot topics were.  Need to figure out some way to capture
> actual problems and solutions, but I think that is going to require
> someone to manual collect that information.  

I'm glad you think the idea is good.  I think the stats list you did was
great, and is a real help for those hot things that people may want to
look for. Much easier than scrolling through a whole month's worth of
posts which runs in the 1000's. That's what I think is the thing with
such an active list like this...digging can take up alot of time, and
when you need to use your machine and it's out of whack, you need a way
to find the answer fast.


> I think that would be very useful.  A weekly message with a list of
> common problems and solutions would IMHO help a lot of people.  I think
> it should include a section on what to do before posting a question (ie.
> check log files, google) and how to ask a question (include version
> info, hardware info, exact error message, how to reproduce, etc).  Many
> questions get posted with not much more than "help!" in the message.  

Thanks for your suggestions!  I'm drafting something now and if I get
more 'yea's' from the list, I'll post it for folks here to critique. 
I've included your tips, suggesting people include descriptive subject
titles and hardware/software info. I've tried to keep it very short,
however, with the ugliest things at the top so fixes are easy to find.

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