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Re: Cisco wireless card not setup correctly when booting core 2

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 16:17, Stuart Munro wrote:
> I have a WinBook J4 that I just installed Fedora Core 2 on.  I have run up2date
> and am at the latest "patch-level".
> I have a Cisco 350 Wireless card.  When I boot up, I'm not sure if the airo
> driver can't find the card, or if there is a pcmcia card services driver problem.
>  The end result is that my wireless card is not detected and configured.  The
> only way I have figured out how to get it to work is by doing the following:
> rmmod airo_cs
> rmmod ds
> rmmod airo
> /etc/init.d/pcmcia stop
> /etc/init.d/pcmcia start
> Once I run through these commands, the wireless card is configured (including
> DHCP address).  What do I need to do so the card is automatically configured upon
> bootup?
> Thanks,
>    Stuart

Another person on the list solved this one for me.  In your network
configuration options turn off the start at boot option.  

Apparently since network services is started before the pcmcia a pcmcia
network card will not be started correctly if you tell it to start at
boot.  But here is the kicker, apparently when the pcmcia services do
start the system detects the card and starts it anyway.

So by telling it not to start at boot it actually will start at boot.

It worked on my laptop and apparently worked for some others.

Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Of course there's no reason for it, it's just our policy. 

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