KPPP with Fedora Core 2

Steven P. Ulrick ulrick2 at
Sun Jun 6 23:35:17 UTC 2004

On Sun, 6 Jun 2004 15:14:55 -0700
"Clyde Wilson" <clydew at> wrote:

> I just installed Fedora Core 2 and I can't get kppp to work.  It
> executes and connects...but then nothing.  I've been using kppp for a
> long time.  Last week I used it with Core 1, so I suspect something
> has changed.  Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, Clyde :)
That sounds EXACTLY like what happened to me.  I never found a permanent
fix, but I will quote in full my response to someone that I helped to
attain a good workaround (so good that I forget that I ever had the
problem :))


I never found a PERMANENT fix, but this is what I found: in my case, the
DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses were not being written to the
/etc/resolv.conf file like they are supposed to.  What I did, at first,
was this:
1. Connected to the internet using my Fedora Core 1 installation.
2. Copied "/etc/resolv.conf", WHILE I was connected to the Internet to a
location that I could copy and paste it from later.  I had to do it that
way, becuase /etc/resolv.conf is EMPTY when you are not connected to the
3. Rebooted into Fedora Core 2
4. Connected to the Internet, using KPPP, then, as root, I copied the
"/etc/resolv.conf" that I had gotten from Fedora Core 1 while I was
CONNECTED to the Internet to "/etc/resolv.conf" in Fedora Core 2.
5. Voila! Problem is fixed!

In other words, I copied /etc/resolv.conf which I had gotten from a
running, Internet connected Fedora Core 1 session, to a running,
Internet connected Fedora Core 2 session, and I was able to do
everything that I could not do before.

After a few days of manually copying my /etc/resolv.conf file from
Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2 EVERY time we connected to the Internet,
I found out that I could set those addresses statically in KPPP (I have
NEVER had to do this before.  It always JUST WORKED :))

Assuming you can get a hold of the DNS addresses of your Internet
Provider, do the following:

kppp | Configure | Accounts | Edit (the problem account) | DNS

1. Domain name: (example)
2. Configuration: Manual
3. DNS IP address: 12.345.678.12 (example, of course :))
4. Because I had two entries in my /etc/resolv.conf file from Fedora
Core 1, I repeated step 3, and put the second address in.
5. You should now have two entries that look like the numbers in step 3
in the box labled: DNS address list

Since I started doing that, everything works perfectly.  In fact, I had
forgotten that I had ever had this problem until I got your email :)

Of course, the question still remains: Why did this problem crop up,
apparently, between Fedora Core 2, Test Release 3 (all updated applied)
and Fedora Core 2?  This is a mystery......

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please let me know.
Thank you for letting me help you on this :)

Steven P. Ulrick

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