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UDF-fs errors

This is a DVD+R disc I burned with Nero 5.5 set to UDF 1.50 ...
The disc mounts but the directory structure looks weird ...

[root localhost cdrom]# ls -al
total 3
dr-xr-xr-x  3 4294967295 4294967295 116 Dec 29 01:45 .
drwxr-xr-x  5 root       root       120 Jun  1 23:01 ..
?---------  ? ?          ?            ?            ? Scrapped Princess

>From dmesg:

udf: registering filesystem
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/lowlevel.c:57:udf_get_last_session: XA disk: no,
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1552:udf_fill_super: Multi-session=0
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:540:udf_vrs: Starting at sector 16 (2048
byte sectors)
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:883:udf_load_pvoldesc: recording time
1072680302/0, 2003/12/29 01:45 (1ed4)
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:894:udf_load_pvoldesc: volIdent[] =
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:901:udf_load_pvoldesc: volSetIdent[] =
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1093:udf_load_logicalvol: Partition (0:0)
type 1 on volume 1
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1103:udf_load_logicalvol: FileSet found in
LogicalVolDesc at block=0, partition=0
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:931:udf_load_partdesc: Searching map: (0 ==
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1013:udf_load_partdesc: Partition (0:0 type
1511) starts at physical 257, block length 1978996
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1346:udf_load_partition: Using anchor in
block 256
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:1579:udf_fill_super: Lastblock=0
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:855:udf_find_fileset: Fileset at block=0,
UDF-fs DEBUG fs/udf/super.c:917:udf_load_fileset: Rootdir at block=1,
UDF-fs INFO UDF (2004/29/09) Mounting volume 'SCRAPPED_PRINCEá',
timestamp 2003/12/29 02:45 (1f10)

PS: How do I stop Evolution from autowrapping lines?  I pasted these in
one line per, but it wraps them regardless of window size.

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