FC1 stable, FC2 ... you wish.

Patrick Boutilier boutilpj at ednet.ns.ca
Mon Jun 7 01:53:35 UTC 2004

Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>    Okay, so after a whole week of fighting FC2 to run, and having to 
> reboot the machine every 4 to 5 hours because of a kernel panic, I 
> downgraded to FC1 and low and behold...the server's running without a 
> single hitch.  So, something's screwed with FC2 which causes it to panic 
> with either the pdflush or the swapper processes, whereas none of the 
> previous RH versions, nor FC1 have that problem.  It also trashed a 200 
> GB drive every time it panicked.  None of the previous versions of RH 
> did that.
>    And with everything else I have read on this list over the past two 
> weeks or so, I'd say stay away from FC2.  Maybe it's time I start 
> looking at a different distribution...

Do as you please but I haven't had a single problem with FC2 .


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