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Re: Repeat questions and a suggestion

At 21:28 6/6/2004, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
What could it hurt? Might help. for my part, I'd give it a 'yea'...

Of course, yea. Anything that *might* help and *won't* hurt is worth a try.

I suggest that the person working on this project not underestimate the amount of work required to make it work. If you think it's a piece of cake, you're going to get snowed under and disappointed. But if you realize that it's a lot of work, and that you can add immense value to this community, then it's worth the trouble and effort!

I would also suggest that you take the time to work with and coordinate your efforts with the FedoraNews people, the FedoraZine people, and whomever maintains the Fedora website for Red Hat. Having this resource (effectively a Q&A compilation similar to a FAQ) available via those sites is going to help it reach a wider audience, and you are also going to need the additional people, typing fingers, editorial resources, and creativity that they can bring to the table.

Good luck! Let me know if I can help in some way.


-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz simpaticus com http://www.simpaticus.com

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