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Re: Fedora Core 3

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On Monday 07 June 2004 09:00, Ankit Malik wrote:
> just one thing i wanna ask
> Why do i just get brickbats for posting anything

Reviewing that thread, if you felt you were attacked maybe you should turn 
down your sensitivity control a little.  People took your list and your post 
seriously and gave explanations for items they felt were not going to work 
out.  I didn't see any bad words and flaming.

Silence is always hard to interpret online, but you should also consider that 
of your large list, many items received no comment.  Instead of assuming this 
means something bad, I would suggest instead this may mean people took those 
ideas as reasonable.  Your ideas went into peoples' heads and something may 
result, whatever happens it was a useful thread.  

In my experience often the most useful (and difficult) discussions seldom get 
the initiator any positive feedback... just have some faith some of your post 
sunk into peoples' heads.

- -Andy

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