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Re: Re:Fedora Core 3


> Why do i just get brickbats for posting anything

No idea - method of posting, abrasive comments, insults, could be

> Why are FEDora developers so rude.

They're not - not in my experience at least and that experience covers
since somewhere close to RH6. A lot of them are happy to chat off list
over software and non-RH stuff. Out of all of the distros I've used over
the years, the crew behind RH and Fedora have *always* been the most

> If that is on my wishlist: its bcoz i dont have it rite now

You mean like an automated word corrector? ;-p

> But why do you have to insult ppl when they want something

The developers don't insult anyone. What is insulting is using the likes
of ppl instead of people - you're not on SMS here and gmail does give
you one heck of a large filestore, so that's not an excuse either.

There are some things which can't be included in the distro for reasons
best known to RedHat (such as Xine and mp3 - both of which may have
legal hassles which I'm sure none of us really want to be deluged with)
and software which is updated so regularly that to include it in a
distro is probably not the best place for it.

I would love to see Rosegarden, Scribus and Mono included in FC3. While
there is a chance of Rosegarden and Scribus, I doubt there is much
chance of seeing Mono.

As for moving off this list - that's up to you. You can always request
for an inclusion of a package via bugzilla.


"Your lives are in the hands of men no smarter than you or I, many of
them incompetent boobs. I know this because I worked alongside them,
gone bowling with them, watched them pass me over for promotions time
and again. And I say ... This stinks!" - Homer Simpson

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