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more kernel problems

Here it goes: i use samba to mount and use remote shares, both on old
NT4 machines and on Apple stuff.

With kernel 2.4.x, everything was pretty good. I could mount, use, copy
and ls those share - eveyrthing but root share on apple server, probably
due to some local settings on the server. No harm.

With kernel 2.6.x, nothing works as it should. Sometimes my systems
freezes when i try and copy files on NT4 shares. All the times i try to
copy files on apple shares, i get a "cp i/o error", it creates a 0 byte
file and locks up. Even if i cancel the operation, the apple volume
keeps being unusable, i can't even browse it.

I reinstalled a 2.4.x kernel from FC1, and the problem is magically
solved. SO i guess there is something wrong with 2.6.x kernels, or at
least with mine (which is still a brand stock kernel from iso images).

Any idea on how to sort this out? Could a recompilation of 2.6 kernel
solve the issue? I guess it may be, but i couldn't say what features i
should turn on...

Thanks a lot for any idea.


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