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Re: more kernel problems

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On Monday 07 June 2004 09:42, Emiliano Brunetti wrote:

> > > Any idea on how to sort this out? Could a recompilation of 2.6 kernel
> > > solve the issue? I guess it may be, but i couldn't say what features i
> > > should turn on...
> >
> > The RH kernel RPM stashes a config-<version> file in /boot for every
> > install. If you copy this to the kernel source directory as .config, and
> > I think run make oldconfig (I have been doing this, whether it is truly
> > necessary I do not know), your compile will have the exact config options
> > of the Redhat kernel.
> Mmm...so your hint is: recompile and do a diff between 2.6 config
> version and 2.4? Something like this? I may try...

No, I only meant to show how you can easily get the same 2.6 kernel config 
situation as Redhat used into a stock kernel.org 2.6 kernel, since you 
mentioned you would not know "what features to turn on".  Possibly your samba 
misery is coming from updated samba packages and not the kernel at all.

> BTW: still trying to understand what is going on with X. I read that
> some Nvidia guys are having problems (as usual) and are waiting for
> drivers. They have my same problem.

Your video hardware is also nVidia then?  And which X driver are you using?

- -Andy

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