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Re: FC2 Game Wish List

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 03:11, Crutcher Dunnavant wrote:

> What free games would people like packaged?

As many as possible. ;-). There seem to be a good few out there but
tracking down the good ones is a challenge.  A few I get on well with:

SuperTux - A Super Mario clone. Excellent fun.
Globulation2 - A Real Time Strategy. One of the only ones I can find
that seems to be reasonably well polished. Very playable. But too cutsie
for any real enjoyment. One for the kids almost.
VegaStrike - Elite/X Clone. Still being developed but looks very good
and is fun to play.

Those are my top 3. I've tried others but these were the ones that I
came back to. 

My requests:
A decent 3d RTS like Ground Control. I've looked but not had much luck.
Installers for games under wine/x. I've got an inkling thats what LOKI
is but I'm not sure.

Let us know how you get on
Adam Cooper <adam cooper port ac uk>

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