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On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 10:38, David Balazic wrote:
> > Why don't you renice dvdauthor to a lower priority so that your mouse
> > and other bits of the OS can still function?
> > It worked beautifully. :-)
> > I used 
> > renice 5 -p 3203 (3203 being the PID for mecoder at the time)
> Why doesn't Fedora work out of the box. Why should the user fix it ?
> And then people wonder why it is not a success on the desktop ...
Well its not really a case of it not working out of the box, I used to
have the same mind set as you do now. Linux is actually a great plat
form regardless of what distro you decide to use.

The first trick is to become informed. i.e. Where do I get what I need!

The second trick is to understand what you are playing with. Linux
despite what some people have told you is not an alternative to windows.
It works completely differently. Where windows is a self maintaining
fool of a tooch, Linux is a dumb lazy cow that you have kick every now
and then in order to get out what you want.

Ok so now you sitting there wondering why it is that is so popular and
there is a craze for it.

For me I don't want my OS forcing me to do what I don't want. Lets take
your situation here, your program ran with absolute maximum priority,
That is the windows way. But more so it was probably the way the
developer liked it to run, he probably felt best give this app real time
priority so that it will finish faster. That gets you cross because you
might have a bit more time and want to do other things,

What I am trying to explain is where in windows you are commanded you
also have to use your <ctl><alt> + <del> keys alot,
In linux you have more control. and less <alt> +<del>
It is a matter of learning. Linux is based on the command line
and as a matter of fact if you become familiar you find that even jobs
like coping files whether networked or not is 100 times faster and
simple in terminal than gui. Not to mention how much more control you
have over your resources. Yes there are things like xmms and mplayer etc
that are nice to have, but rather cut a cd with cdrecord than K3b, Why
because to get K3B to work can become a major task, K3b will use all
your resources to plonk a pretty gui on your desktop, but cdrecord will
run using less that 5% of your cpu. It is a matter of learning the
commands and their options.

Just to help lift your spirit a bit here are some of the tools I use
that have completely simplified linux for me I couldn't possibly give a
the whole list thereare a lot and I don't have a lot of time right now.

Bluebox		Instead of gnome or kde
ssh and scp 	to logon to other computers and copy files on network.
cdrecord 	for burnin cds
cddawave 	to rip cd to wav files for encoding to ogg
lame 		for mp3, ogg encoding (use ogg it is much faster, smaller and has
a higher quality)
mencoder 	to rip dvds (excellent quality) comes with Mplayer.
Mplayer 	to watch DVDs, legal copies of movies all format are support. 
Firefox		Mozilla web browser the default sucks piles and kills you
system resourses.
Evolution 	sucks piles too and beats your resources to death with a
sharp pick axe, but I like it a lot, so I just renice it

I don't use a pretty filemanager anymore they all kill my box. If you
visit www.tldp.org there is enough info on efficiently navigating your
file system with the command line.I tell you that by the time you have
opened Nautilus I have already got the file where I want it. And I am no
expert I can assure you of that.

If you are still in dismay mail me I am only in office during the day,
and will help where I can.
My advise is this, if you really want everything gui, then windows
everything will work and you will have to <ctrl> <alt> + <del> alot but
hey its worth it if you can just reboot to fix.
Linux you must learn your command line, and you must manage your pc.MORE
<ctrl> There is power in that. I am not joking, you should see the
Don't worry about a gui it slows you down and breaks alot. Guis are eye
candy and nice to have. Yes I also use one. And when ever I demo it, it
Now I demo the command line as it never breaks.


Chadley Wilson
Soon 2 B RHCE
Linux Rocks
Welcome to my world.
Enjoy the adventures of Linux 
Linux is easy, lazy people critise, curse and fail.

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