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RE: cyrus-imapd howto

Am Mo, den 07.06.2004 schrieb Roger Grosswiler um 9:44:

> 1)make sure, your saslauthd is correct configured: /etc/sysconfig/saslauthd should look somehow like this:
> [roger link sysconfig]$ more saslauthd
> # To read about how postfix uses saslauthd read this:
> # /usr/share/doc/postfix-*/README-Postfix-SASL-RedHat.txt
> #
> # To see a list of authentication mechanisms supported by saslauthd execute this command
> # /usr/sbin/saslauthd -v
> #
> # Default to pam
> MECH=pam
> #MECH=shadow
> [roger link sysconfig]$


can you tell me why you describe the step to change the default setup of
saslauthd touse MECH=pam instead of default MECH=shadow? As you give not
any argument I just can't understand any need for it. The default
setting is absolutely correct and works proper.

And besides configuring Cyrus-IMAPd in any way it all helps less, if the
MTA does not know good about the Cyrus-IMAPd deliver tool and the LMTP


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