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Re: Repeat questions and a suggestion

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 01:00, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
> At 21:28 6/6/2004, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> >What could it hurt? Might help. for my part, I'd give it a 'yea'...
> Of course, yea. Anything that *might* help and *won't* hurt is worth a try.
> I suggest that the person working on this project not underestimate the 
> amount of work required to make it work. If you think it's a piece of cake, 
> you're going to get snowed under and disappointed. But if you realize that 
> it's a lot of work, and that you can add immense value to this community, 
> then it's worth the trouble and effort!


> I would also suggest that you take the time to work with and coordinate 
> your efforts with the FedoraNews people, the FedoraZine people, and 
> whomever maintains the Fedora website for Red Hat.


>  Having this resource 
> (effectively a Q&A compilation similar to a FAQ) available via those sites

WHOA THERE.  Hang on!  This list that I'm typing up is *very simple*.
It's supposed to be, so the people who have these bug problems will see
it first thing when they come into here (or it will hopefully be easy to
pick out in the archive) and not hysterically post that they can't get
into Windows, and don't have to bang their head on the desk because they
can't install FC2.  It's in *no way* a comprehensive FAQ for Fedora 2
(we already have that!) and this is not something that Redhat is going
to want!  I'm not trying to re-do buzilla either; they have a page of
latest bugs, and a huge query engine that confused the crap out of me ;)
This little list is tailored for this group only, just to stave off
repeat questions for the larger problems that we see here. 

I'm going to post my 'list' when I get home from work tonight so
everybody can take a look-see.  If folks like it, fine.  If they don't,
fine.  If someone wants to make it an 'Uber FAQ', thats fine too, but
that's not what I had in mind. It's supposed to be quick and easy, worst
bugs first, places to search, then I have tips on posting to this list,
then some window manager links.  That's it. Short and sweet for those
who have the attention span of a gnat, just like I do.


> Good luck! Let me know if I can help in some way.

You, and everybody else here is welcome and *encouraged* to see and
advise on the list I've written.  Also, if there are other bugs/problems
that crop up, people must certainly let me know if they think it should
be added to the list.  I'm Average Joe User, and some of the threads
here I completely skip because they're practically Chinese to me!  

I don't have enough technical know-how to help hardly any people out
here.  But I see the same things over and over, so maybe I can point
them in the right direction, giving the oldbies a break.

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