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Re: Fedora Core 3 Wishlist

Ankit Malik escribió:

Fedora Core 3 Wishlist

Just keep adding your wishes to it in points if possible

1. Faster KDE
2. Faster GNOME ( its too slow for me right now)
3. Support for my ATI Mach 64 GX @ 1024x768 (! That depends more on
XORG than Fedora Core)
4. KDE menu Editor to be fixed

The are many post about it and it has been fiexd

5. Standby to work in my PC 9its not working)
6. Better and stunning graphics ( like SUSE)
7. Some software similar to 'Mandrake Control Gallery' or YaST'
8. MP3 support (!!!!! out of the box :or atleast post the link where
we can get it from : it will be easy for newbies then : www.gurulabs.
com/ ..........)
9. Ice WM 10. Remove obselete applications as muchba s possible
11. A fantastic documentation (idiot proof ) to go along with the distro
12. More video playing softwares 'out of the box' 13. Super Karamba"out of the box'
14. RPM Files Manager :In FC2 its just by command FC1 was better
15. Plugins for Mozilla etc. preinstalled as in Lycoris
16. Information for newbies RE filesystem during install so that they
can choose the best FS in the beginning.
17. Gdesklets 'out of the box'
18. Mozilla Firefox 'out of the boz' (!!!!! how many 'out of the box')
19. KDE Panel can be customized much better
20. Voice Chat software ( i cant find any right now anywhere)
21. Support for Microphone (it was there in FC1)
22. Better CDROM Device Mounting (its next to broken in FC2 :-( ) 23. UP2DATE Should be gixed :::PLEASE >>>>>>

Phew! that is all ... please post yours ..

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