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Re: Next Fedora Release

Behold, Andy Green <fedora warmcat com> hath decreed:
> On Monday 07 June 2004 11:54, K.M.Zammi Kahan wrote:
> > Hi,
> > My opinion on Fedora roadmap is , New version should be released every six
> > months, yes every six months. What I mean is every odd release of Fedora
> > should be bug fixed/maintenance release without new addons. I think this
> > kind of senario will help Fedora to be stable in addtion to be bleading
> > edge. That mean FC3 should be thoroughly tested  maintenance release with
> > stable updates.
> There's something to that idea.
> The six month thing just sounds like an arbitrary goal that is going to create 
> unfinished releases, this time is was selinux, in the end it fell off the end 
> of the world but in the meanwhile sucked up a lot of effort and maybe made 
> the unfinishedness factor of FC2 worse than it could have been.
> If a release goes out with serious problems that impacts the people helping on 
> the mailing list too (and the poor search capabilities of the Redhat ml 
> archive doesn't help).
> I don't see much sign of this "community distro" thing for Fedora either, it 
> is almost fully a Redhat show.  Of course with great guys like Alan Cox, Dave 
> Jones, Arjan and all the others that is not a bad situation, but it is not 
> really community driven either.  (Of course Redhat pays their wages, they can 
> choose what to do themselves and I am grateful that we get the benefit of 
> whatever they want to do.  But Redhat explain they want to "invite and 
> encourage more outside participation", will use a "more open process")
> "Community Driven" would maybe look like a fat website where registered people 
> voted on packages, voted when to freeze features, and when to release...  
> although selinux is sexy maybe such a thing would have deferred it earlier...  

I don't know about voting, but granting authority to certain outside (non-RH) 
developers to apply patches, etc. would be nice (other than to attach them
to bugzilla entries).

I think of Fedora as Rawhide with releases. Rawhide was always bleeding
edge, and so will be Fedora, but instead of always staying on the bleeding
edge, you get to choose a release that is a bit more stable. Since even with
Red Hat I usually ended up moving to the bleeding edge rawhide anyway, I
don't see anything but benefits at this point.


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"Every man is a mob, a chain gang of idiots." 
                           - Jonathan Nolan, /Memento Mori/

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