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Re: Next Fedora Release

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On Monday 07 June 2004 13:45, Sean Estabrooks wrote:

> selinux wasn't abandoned.  It's still there, just not enabled by default.
> You never know how things are going to work out until you try, so it's hard
> to fault the Fedora team for trying to push the envelope.

Sure (again).  But what I actually said was:

> > ultimately abandoned attempt to get selinux support completed in time for
> > FC2

ie, they gave up on finishing it for FC2.  Not gave up on selinux.  Which will 
be great.

> Many of the things being fixed now, are only being fixed now because people
> who have access to the  hardware and the technical skill to solve problems
> are just trying FC2 for the first time.    We need more people testing,
> reporting and fixing bugs in the testing phase so that the bugs aren't
> found at the release stage.

This must be true, but it is also true many of the bugs were long in Bugzilla 
before FC2 release, and triage decisions were made by Redhat alone in order 
to make the release date.  An early and it turned out doomed triage decision 
was to focus on trying to complete selinux, at the expense of some of these 
other problems.  I wonder what guidence would come from thousands of users if 
they were asked about their opinions of what was good for their goals in the 
next version, if selinux would have been reflected in that guidence with the 
importance it was actually given.

> > I guess my wider question boils down to: I see the community is active on
> > the ml in a good way.  Is that as far as we will ever penetrate?
> What do you want?   If you're a developer you can get involved with any
> upstream package you like and contribute directly.   Your code will make it
> into Fedora. Or you could try some of the options presented on:

That is true.

> http://fedora.redhat.com/participate/
> But you have to step up to the plate and do something, you not likely be
> turned away if you have something to offer.

Well, stuff does get turned away, but I take your point.  But I am thinking 
more on where the shadow-line between "community" input and @redhat.com input 
falls in terms of project direction and making decisions, perhaps not right 
now but where it is headed.

- -Andy

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