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Re: Deploring *nix Philosophy ( Was Re : Splitting archives across floppies )

Nathan Ollerenshaw wrote:
Parameshwara Bhat writes:

I hate it when people do this, but sometimes its the best way. If you want a *good* understanding of how Linux all fits together, and WHY things like redirection are key to the way you work with the system, read the "Introduction To Linux" by Machtelt Garrels.


Chapters 3 through 5 are especially interesting to users come from Windows, as it explains the whole Unix thing that "everything is a file" and about redirection and the important role that standard input and standard output has for programs, and what kinds of tricks you can expect to do with the input and output of a unix tool.

Thanks for the link. It is something that I can forward to some new users that I know.

Robin Laing

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