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Re: mpg brightness problems

Charles Howse wrote:
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In FC1 it was so easy to install totem and the codecs.
If I had a mpg that was a little dark, I could just open the video preferences for totem and turn up the brightness.

Now, in FC2, I have totem-0.99.11-1.1.fc2.dag, as well as mplayer-1.0-32_pre4.rhfc2.at, and xine-0.99.1-1.1.fc2.dag.

BTW, the black background and low contrast fonts in xine, are a real pain in the ass if you're 54 and wear glasses. I can't read 'em at all. Why in the world would someone make that the default? Why not start out with something everyone can see, and give the option for the black background?

I can't increase the brightness in totem, nor in xine, and mplayer fails to start. What can I do so that I can turn up the brightness in my mpg player?

- -- Charles Howse
Jackson, TN
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My monitor has a setting for viewing films/DVD's. A press of a button and all is fixed and is bright enough.

The blame could be put onto the makers of the DVD's and movies but they are designed for a different medium.

-- Robin Laing

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