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Laptop FC2 install rpoblem

I decided to try installing Fedora Core 2 on an HP HP Pavilion ZT1230 but
have been unable to boot from the installation CD.  I get an ISOLINUX
image checksum error and it dies right there.  The MD5SUM on the CD checks
out fine, and indeed the CD boots without complaint on my desktop machine
so I doubt that there is an error with the CD itself.

Experimenting around a little, I found that the only CD I can boot from is
a DR-DOS CD that uses emulated floppy boot mode.  All others, e.g. the FC2
install CD, various system rescue CDs, etc. fail with the same ISOLINUX
checksum error.  I do not recall this being an issue when RH9 was
installed on the machine.

For completeness:

        CPU: Celeron 1333MHz
        RAM: 384MB
        CD:  Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-C2502 Rev. 1021

I'd try booting from a DVD except I have no means of burning the FC2   
install DVD here.

Any ideas are welcome.


-John (john os2 dhs org)

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