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Re: mpg brightness problems

On Monday 07 June 2004 15:47, Charles Howse wrote:
> BTW, the black background and low contrast fonts in xine, are a real pain
> in the ass if you're 54 and wear glasses.  I can't read 'em at all.  Why in
> the world would someone make that the default?  Why not start out with
> something everyone can see, and give the option for the black background?

You can change the font and size through the setup menu in xine (misc tab).
If you're not happy with the type of font, you can read on how to change font 
types here:

If you have questions regarding the font types, please post them to the 
xine-user mailing list, which is the better place to ask this.

> I can't increase the brightness in totem, nor in xine, and mplayer fails to
> start.  What can I do so that I can turn up the brightness in my mpg
> player?

Normally you would want to use the xv video driver (you'll get this by 
starting xine like this : xine -V xv). In this case xine will activate 
seperate controls for brightness/contrast/saturation/hue if they are 
supported by your video card and driver.
When you use xshm output you probably don't have these controls.

> [charles moe charles]$ mplayer

Sorry I never use mplayer, so I can't help you with this one :-(


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