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Re: Trouble burning CDs on an NEC 1300a

Am Mo, den 07.06.2004 schrieb Bruno Wolff III um 18:13:

> I am not sure if I am looking at a kernel problem, a cdrecord problem,
> a drive problem or a configuration problem (e.g. using ide-scsi).

See the FC2 release notes:


Be sure, you have no ide-scsi parameter in the kernel line in

> This is the log saved by cdroast during my latest burn attempt:
> Calling: /usr/lib/xcdroast-0.98/bin/xcdrwrap CDRECORD dev= "ATAPI:1,1,0" gracetime=2 fs=4096k driveropts=burnfree
> -v -useinfo speed=4 -dao -eject -pad -audio "/tmp/.CD/track-01.wav" ...

Use cdrecord not with dev=ATAPI:1,1,0 - that won't run here with my
Plextor CD burner neither - but use dev=/dev/hdX.


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