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Re: FC1 stable, FC2 ... you wish.

Hi Ashley,

I apologize if I hve not read the original thread, but did
you upgrade or fresh install FC2?  I am thinking of the 'divide
and conquer' process.  If you did an upgrade, then perhaps the
problem is caused by the "left over" files?  If you have the time
or opportunity, try a FRESH install of FC2 and see if the problem
goes away.  If you did a 'fresh' install, then never mind.

I had some problems with the UPGRADES where somethings "left behind"
caused all sorts of strange behaviors but I was focusing on the
GNOME/KDE system components.  I have yet to find out the other
potential upgrade problems as I have not had the time to investigate
it but will do so soon.

Best regards,

On Sun, 06 Jun 2004 22:53:35 -0300, Patrick Boutilier wrote
> Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
> > 
> >    Okay, so after a whole week of fighting FC2 to run, and having to 
> > reboot the machine every 4 to 5 hours because of a kernel panic, I 
> > downgraded to FC1 and low and behold...the server's running without a 
> > single hitch.  So, something's screwed with FC2 which causes it to panic 
> > with either the pdflush or the swapper processes, whereas none of the 
> > previous RH versions, nor FC1 have that problem.  It also trashed a 200 
> > GB drive every time it panicked.  None of the previous versions of RH 
> > did that.
> > 
> >    And with everything else I have read on this list over the past two 
> > weeks or so, I'd say stay away from FC2.  Maybe it's time I start 
> > looking at a different distribution...
> Do as you please but I haven't had a single problem with FC2 .
> >
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