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Re: No CD,add applications?

On 06/07/2004 01:15 PM, ne... wrote:

On Jun 7, 2004 at 11:49, Gerry Tool in a soothing rage wrote:

Mac wrote:

Hi List,

I installed FC2 from FAT partition with ISO files, and now I want to add some items (applications that I didn't select when the system installation, such as Apache server and PHP) with the system tool, Add/Remove applications. Then the CD is requested! And I only have ISO files in the FAT partition!
How can I have the items added with the RPM manager?

try up2date install packagename

or yum install packagename

If your install worked correctly, this should find the package and all
dependencies on the internet and install them.

Bad answer. All he needs do is mount the isos using loop
and install using rpm.


... but using yum is more convenient than finding the CD's and mounting them, and you get newer versions. And everyone should learn about online package sources and package management with yum, up2date, and/or apt. I think they're both good answers.

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