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[FC2] might be good but kernel 2.6 too much hassle...


I'm getting bored!
I am experiencing lots of problem with my onboard NIC chip and in
looking around I discovered it's a Kernel bug...

As I really need the internet on this computer, I just say, ok let's
take ok the sound blaster live and go buy a new NIC.

I went in several shops before finding one where a NIC card was
available with a Linux logo...
Woohooooo Quest is over..

Came back home, put that new card in the computer... and what a
surprise, this one is not working too. Ok, let's browse the internet,
Oh tulip, there is also a problem with kernel 2.6, great :) I'm so
lucky, I have 2 NIC cards, none are working properly with kernel 2.6!

Then now, I'm wondering if I should not format this damned HDD and
install FC1 again... but the thing that I really do not understand is
why saying kernel 2.6 is working fine when so many drivers are not
working anymore with it? or is it just me, who is really unlucky and
found the 2 non working driver with kernel 2.6.6 ???

Ludo :( :(
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