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Re: repost/wishlist item: FC2 libata/system response with busy di sk


(1) I have tried renicing.  nice sets the priority for CPU, not disk activity I believe - in any case it did not work for me.  But thanks for the answer!
(2a) Mate - if you like Windows so much then go back to it?  Rapidly losing time for idiots that come onto a development version of Linux and critise it - they should go back to Redmond and keep working on Longhorn!  Your Microsoft cape is sticking out of your undies, my friend.
(2b) If you're not a Windoze fan but want a version of Linux which will just work, then have a look at the enterprise version http://www.redhat.com/ - they'll even support you included in the price!  Otherwise I think I speak for all of us that knowing about problems is good - people whining about them is unwelcome.
(2c) Since when did Linux have to be better than Windoze?  If you want Windoze - hey - go buy it!  No-one is going to miss you if you do.


David Balazic wrote:
Aaron Gaudio wrote :
Behold, David Balazic <david balazic hermes si> hath decreed:
Why don't you renice dvdauthor to a lower priority so that your mouse
and other bits of the OS can still function?
It worked beautifully. :-)
I used 
renice 5 -p 3203 (3203 being the PID for mecoder at the time)
Why doesn't Fedora work out of the box. Why should the user fix it ?

And then people wonder why it is not a success on the desktop ...
My limited experience with burning CDs on Windows is that its desktop 
performance is also quite affected when encoding/burning stuff.

And FC should copy bad properties of windows, because ... ?

As for the original question, you could
Me ? Why me ? Aren't there hundreds of developers and testers who should
make the final release usable in real life ?

 Yes, I missed out the FC2 test cycle.
 It shows ;-)

also probably write a shell
script to conveniently nice the encoding in the first place, so that
you don't have to use renice to change the priority on the fly... 
'man nice'.
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