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Help! Re: RH9 -> FC2 Upgrade [Partial] Success

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 21:25, Will Backman wrote:
> Just upgraded an Internet NAT Gateway and SMTP/POP3 server from RedHat 9
> to Fedora Core 2.  This system started out as a 7.3 machine a long time
> ago.  It only had 32MB of RAM, so the installer complained.  Bumped it
> up to 128.

I did an upgrade of RH9 -> FC2 yesterday. Went "partially" well. One
problem was that X couldn't startx. (X in that, gdmgreeter) was having
some issues with recognising some files.

The error prompt was " Couldn't recognise file
/usr/share/something/Bluecurve/24x24/icon-language.png" etc.. etc.. It
gives me a "OK" box, but clicking it does _nothing_. Top shows
gdmgreeter taking up CPU cycles.

If i go into init 3, run startx from there, it's OK. I thought it was
some theme issues, and tried to change the default theme, I tried using
gdmsetup but it wouldn't come up, some error about pango_base_dir (which
I didn't find anything about in Google)

Does anyone have a clue on what's happening? can I buy a clue here??

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