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Re: repost/wishlist item: FC2 libata/system response with busy disk

My CPU is not overworked so renicing doesn't help.  I'm sure it is a libata thing.  Under my self compiled kernels > 2.4.24 my sata disk came up as hde and I could tune it using hdparm (not that that really made a difference over auto-configured values anyway) but as hde my system did not have quite such serious slowdowns.  It seems to me that there are 2 development tracks for sata - ata & scsi emulation (the latter libata).  The latter doesn't work very well on my system.  Hey, but the FC2 test kernel 2.6.6 actually booted my system unaided for the first time for any FC kernel.  Perfomance still hasn't improved, though, but I'm just happy it is now working at all.  Unlike some on this list that I get way too annoyed with, I'm running on the leading edge of not only Redhat's efforts, but in many ways Linux itself so I'm happy to put up with some of these things and wait until a bright spark can fix the problem.  The only thing I can give back is to report my problems.

I'm not entirely sure, but hdparm for ATA devices gives an option to unmask the irq.  To my knowledge this allows the system to handle things even if the hard disk is ultra busy.  Perhaps it may have something to do with acpi - i.e. the way the kernel handles hardware interrupts?

Chadley Wilson wrote:
On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 09:02, Marc Lucke wrote:
I have posted this before and gotten precisely nowhere.  So I thought I 
would put it back up and also put it out there that a fix in the next 
kernel update would make me very happy.

The problem:  when my disk is very busy - like when using dvdauthor - my 
computer stops responding to everything else.
Relevant Hardware:  Gigabyte 8IPE1000Pro2 m/b + SATA disk (ICH5, 865PE)
(0) had FC1 running with self-compiled > 2.4.24 kernels and the system 
saw my SATA disk as hde
(1) system booted from FC2 CD just as it did for the FC1 by loading 
ata_piix (& necessary dependencies)
(2) system would not boot from installed kernel
(3) thanks to the Fedora IRC channel I found out how to modify the 
initrd to get my system to load ata_piix
(4) system now uses libata and sees my SATA disk as sda
(5) with my hdd recognised as hde (see note 0) has hde my system would 
respond to smtp & web requests a bit more slowly, but it still worked.  
As sda it will actually timeout connections to port 25 under load
(6) posted all sorts of requests to this list but I think step 3 is 
beyond most on this list, let alone this problem

I'm not complaining.  Just if someone exists that knows above can 
respond or else it can it be added to some developer's wishlist?  I'd 
love to get FC2 working like I had FC1 working with kernels greater than 

I had same problem with mencoder.

Why don't you renice dvdauthor to a lower priority so that your mouse
and other bits of the OS can still function?
It worked beautifully. :-)
I used 
renice 5 -p 3203 (3203 being the PID for mecoder at the time)

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