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Re: sendmail imap mailbox location

Am Di, den 08.06.2004 schrieb Nina Pham um 0:27:

> sorry, didn't mean to send directly mail to you. I just press reply and 
> didn't notice that the mail reciepient is just your address. Anyway, I 

That might just be the case because you set your own mail address as
reply address besides the list mail address. If you don't want double
mails or at least receiving the mail directly, then please reconfigure
your mail client and do not set a reply to address explicitly.

> need help to recompile procmail. I want to do this for every mailbox. So 
> is there a way to do it just once, and do not need to do procmail for 
> every user home directory? And let say, if I run procmail from root and 
> try to set the mailbox folder for all usermailboxes, do I need to do it 
> again if I restart the system? I don't want to do it again.
> Nina

Sorry, rethinking about it, Procmail would be not the problem, as you
can set by a global /etc/procmailrc or individual ~/.procmailrc user
files where and how the mail shall be stored (as long as the permissions
are fitting).

The problem would be the IMAP server: it has to know where the INBOX is
to find. If you really would store the mail in a non standard path, then
you have to tell the IMAP server where that is. Unfortunately you did
not say which IMAP server you are using. If it is the uw-imap, then you
certainly have to recompile it. Take the src.rpm package and modify the
source. Certainly better would be to change, to use dovecot and
configure it in the /etc/dovecot.conf. Set the default_mail_env like you
want it, i.e.

default_mail_env = maildir:/imapMail/%umaildir

to use the directory you spoke about in your first mail. Be sure you let
Procmail to deliver to the maildir too:


Be aware that uw-imap uses mbox and not maildir by default, unless you
change it during compilation time.

Please don't blame me if you loose mail!

And would you please be so kind to explain why you need such a non
standard setup? What do you mean by "each user can access to his own


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